I’ve been asked by a friend to give her a naive implementation of a function giving n first prime numbers. Because the language required was JavaScript I did some horribly ugly imperative function.

As You can see it’s almost impossible to decode it after writing. But then I started wondering how would it look in Elixir. So I implemented my first try. With prime number test and simple iterator function.

Not bad but still not dope. Then I recalled there was a new thing going on around Elixir called Streams.

Stream is an implementation of an [possibly] endless enumerable. So I gave it a try with it. This is the effect:

Prime number in 2 still pretty readable lines of code. That’s neat. Isn’t it?

/Edit Scala Bonus

def nPrime(n: Int){
   .filter{ a => Range(2,a).filter(a % _ == 0).isEmpty }

/Edit 28.09.2015

I recently wrote a Haskell alternative:

let pgen (p:xs) = p : pgen [x|x <- xs, x `mod` p > 0]
let nPrime x = x `take` pgen [2..]

I think we might have a winner here ;)