My name is Krzysztof Wende and this is my resume/cv

about me

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    Elchemy Creator

    Creator of Elchemy - statically typed functional programming language for the Erlang VM.
    ~1000 stars on GitHub

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    Forbes "25 under 25" 2019 Honoree

    Awarded a place in 2019 Forbes "25 under 25" list

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    Mechanical keyboard enthusiast

    Passionate about compulsively buying mechanical keyboards

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    Over 250k article views on Quora

    Former Most Viewed Writer in: CS Abstraction, Akka, Elixir
    Selected for Quora Digest (1,2MM email feed) twice

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    Erlang/Elixir fan

    Active Erlang OTP/Elixir community member

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    CEO / founder. Lean Start-Up mind

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    Atom Editor Community Active Member

    60k downloads of extensions combined
    Elixir Autocomplete - Over 50k downloads. Formerly the most popular Atom Elixir extension for over 2 years.
    Erlang Autocomplete - Over 10k downloads. The most popular Atom Erlang extension.

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    Functional Programmer

    Love in immutable state, monads & pure functions

work history

  • 2004

    Beginning Of The Programming Journey

    C++ LEGO MindStorm programming.

  • 2008

    Game Redactor at mmorpg.org.pl

    I've had an opportunity to join the team of amazing people amongst mmorpg.org.pl editors. My job was to write game reviews, news, and interview people making games.

  • 2010

    MMO Engine Project Eclipse Development in Visual Basic

    I've been developing a well known in gaming community MMO game engine written in Visual Basic.

  • 2011


    Finally, I've decided to try writing my own game. I started by learning Flash, Starling, AS2, AS3, GPU optimization, Network Programming.

  • 2012


    Flash was a dying technology. I've had to move forward. C# was looking like a most rewarding time investment. I've written my own C# TCP Server and discovered how complicated but at the same time compelling was the concept of concurrency to me. I've got my first programming contracts on Freelancer.com.

  • 2013


    Unity3D engine taught me how simple programming can be. During that time I've got to know and learn from many skilled developers. I've got my game development job at Propagame, developing their C# Network protocol infrastructure.

  • OCT 2013


    Node.js taught me that network programming can be simple thanks to an asynchronous paradigm. I've learned that there is much more to programming than just the popular choices. I've started learning about new databases like MongoDB and Redis and experiment with them in my subsequent projects.

  • NOV 2013

    CloudCab - The First StartUp

    I've met a visionary man from New York - Filip Baba. He taught me about NY market and how programming business really looks like. With his idea of taxi company niche for software like Uber - but for companies, not against them - with mechanisms for gradual system migration from analog-radio-based infrastructure. We've started CloudCab. Soon CloudCab was able to connect thousands of devices on AWS micro tier instance.

  • 2014

    Distributed Computing

    CloudCab needs made me understand how important scalability is when developing a server like that. I've started to study many distributed computing concepts - Actor Systems, Referential transparency in functional programming, as well as the more basic ones like queues, mutexes and locks. I've dived deep into Scala, Haskell and finally to discover my new favorite language - Erlang.

  • AUG 2014

    CloudCab's first investor!

    CloudCab has been invested in by WideTech Colombia and used experimentally in their NY branch. It was renamed to Light Dispatch for marketing purposes.

  • SEP 2014

    Neon Tree Solutions Ltd founded

    I've founded my company in United Kingdom and named it Neon Tree Solutions. Alongside with 3 freshly hired developers we continued full steam ahead with the development of further versions of CloudCab / Light Dispatch.

  • NOV 2014

    Light Dispatch's First Tenant

    Light Dispatch has been successfully launched as a beta version in first New York carrier base - Greenline Limo LLC.

  • JAN 2015

    Light Dispatch acquisition

    Light dispatch has been fully acquired by the seed investor WideTech. It was time for me to move on onto some new projects.

  • Q1 2015

    New Start-Ups

    My team and I have done our best to make our ideas come true. We've launched multiple Start-Up proof of concepts and watched how would people respond to them following the LEAN principles.

    • LanceIt - neighborhood outsourcing
    • Spotnote - leave notes anywhere on the world map
    • Everbuy - stay notified about new products matching your query on EBay and Polish Allegro.

  • JUN-AUG 2015

    Erlang Solutions Internship

    I've spent some time working in Erlang Solutions Ltd Polish branch in experimental Elixir team, working on concepts revolving around the concept of Internet Of Things, XMPP Protocol and using Elixir with Phoenix Framework in production.

  • SEP-NOV 2015

    Theoretical Computer Science at Jagiellonian University

    With Nationwide Inventiveness Contest Award I got a free entry to a university of my choice. I decided it'd be a waste not to try it. After 3 months on Theoretical Computer Science on Jagiellonian University of Kraków I've got a job opportunity from a startup located in San Francisco and decided to take it instead.

  • JAN-AUG 2016

    CTO at Man La Mode

    I've got an offer to become a CTO of Man La Mode, a Delaware Start-Up company with an idea for an state-of-the-art e-commerce platform. I was assigned a team of 4 people to manage at the same time developing the back-end architecture in Elixir.

  • Q3/Q4 2016

    Ann Arbor, MI, USA

    I've left my home country to seek entrepreneurial spirit across the ocean in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We were awarded a place in Google SPARK Accelerator.

  • FEB 2017


    The project of Elchemy - statically-typed programming language for Erlang-VM fully compatible with existing Elm programming language codebase and partially compatible with library base (Everything non html/frontend related).

  • APR 2017-NOW

    Inflowmatix Ltd

    I took a job at Inflowmatix - a UK Start-Up utilizing state-of-the-art measuring devices in combination with a resiliency of distributed systems and statistical analysis to analyze and prevent water network malfunctions.

Notable Side-Projects

Dedicated Erlang Editor
A project of a dedicated Erlang text-editor / IDE based on node-webkit (later renamed to atom-shell). Retired after official release of Atom Editor (pic)
Erlang and Elixir Atom autocomplete plugins
autocomplete-erlang and autocomplete-elixir packages for Atom editor to allow development with smart IDE functionality
Elchemy - Elm to Elixir compiler
Statically typed programming language. Compatible with Elm syntax and Erlang VM. Website & Try Online
Elchemy Live - Elchemy playground in a browser
Web Browser playground for Elchemy based on Ellie (link)
Type Inference in Prolog
Ultra-minimalistic type inference algorithm in Prolog (link)
Schedule planner in Prolog
Schedule planner to pair people with activities and venues, without time/person collisions (link)


2009 - 2010
Flash / C# Freelancing on Freelancer.com
C#/Unity3D/Java projects development
Node.js developer / Android developer / Web Developer
Neon Tree Solutions
2014-JAN 2015
CEO / Node.js developer
Neon Tree Solutions
Q1/Q2 2015
CEO / Scala developer
Erlang Solutions
JUN 2015 - AUG 2015
Elixir developer / Intern
Man La Mode Inc
JAN 2016 - AUG 2016
CTO / Elixir Developer
Neon Tree Solutions Ltd
NOV 2016 - FEB 2017
CEO / Elixir Developer
Inflowmatix Ltd
FEB 2017 - NOW
Elixir Developer


Functional Programming
Programming Language Development
Object Oriented Programming



Testimonials (O1 Visa Excerpts)

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    Filip Baba - CEO @ Propagame )

    "Exceptionally talented coder, goes the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with his work. Knows programming concepts and Unity like the back of his hand."

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    José Valim - Elixir programming language author

    "[...]The fact that Mr. Wende is frequently sought out amongst experts in the field, who are many years senior to Mr. Wende in age, for feedback, ideas, and peer­-review is in my opinion most demonstrative of his extraordinary and prodigious ability."

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    Robert Virding - Erlang programming language author

    "[...] I had been quite impressed by the nature of his work from the brief period I enjoyed as his co-worker at Erlang Solutions. Despite being the youngest invited speaker at the conference Mr. Wende’s lecture, “Developing Elixir with Atom Editor,” was one of the highlights of the conference [...]"

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    Michał Ślaski - Branch Manager at Erlang Solutions

    "[...] His breathtaking knowledge and intrinsic concern to help people through the medium of technology are some of the qualities that elevate Mr. Wende in the esteem of his peers as a recognized world­class talent. This is a rare and appreciated combination"


Lambda Days
Elixir LDN
Writing Type-safe Elixir Code with Elm's Syntax - Elchemy
Lambda Days
Progress after one year development of Elchemy programming language
Elixir Meetup
Elchemy - Type safe programming for Erlang VM


At the age of 19, he sold the application to a Colombian corporation. He got tired of the fight for the market with Uber (PL)
How to create your own programming language? Meet Krzysztof Wende and his Elchemy (PL)


Playing Drums
Fusion Jazz
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