my name is Krzysztof and this is my resume/cv


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    Ergodox User

    In intimate relationship with my COLEMAK Ergodox EZ keyboard http://configure.ergodox-ez.com/keyboard_layouts/kgnzag/edit

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    Spacemacs User

    Proud Spacemacs (Emacs) user. Hybrid evil/holy mode

  • Functional Programmer

    Love in immutable state, monads & pure functions

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    200k article reads on Quora

    Most Viewed Writer in: CS Abstraction, Akka, Elixir
    Selected for Quora Digest (1,2MM email feed) twice

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    Erlang/Elixir fan

    Active Erlang OTP/Elixir community member

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    Company owner. Lean startup mind

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    Atom Editor Community Active Member

    30k downloads of extensions combined
    Elixir Autocomplete - 20k downloads (8/16) - 50% of Atom Elixir Community
    Erlang Autocomplete - 5k downloads (8/16) - 50% of Atom Erlang Community

Work history

  • 2008

    I've started my programming journey

    C++. LEGO MindStorm programming

  • 2009

    Game redactor at mmorpg.org.pl

    I've had an opportunity to join team of amazing people at editorial office of MMORPG.ORG.PL. I was writing game reviews and interviews with people making games

  • 2010

    Project Eclipse Coding in VB

    I've been developing amazing MMO game engine written in Visual Basic.

  • 2011

    I can do it myself! - Flash

    Finally I decided about writing my own game. I've started Flash and learned whole thing cover to cover. Starling, AS2, AS3, GPU optimization, Network Programming. Nothing could stop me from writing my own game... Except the fact that it happens to be not so easy. I've done 3-4 games of all genres. FPS, RTS, RPG and casual survival game. Flash's performance was the only limit to me back then.

  • 2012

    I'm finally C'ing #

    Apple killed Flash. I've had to move forward. C# had amazing OO patents. I've written my own C# TCP Server and realized how hard concept concurrent programming is. I've got my first jobs thanks to Freelancer.com.

  • 2013

    Unity all the way

    Unity3D engine taught me how simple programming can be. During that time I've met many skilled developers. I've worked for Propagame company, programming C# Network protocol infrastructure.

  • OCT 2013

    Node.js - despite JavaScript allergy

    Node.js taught me that network programming can be simple thanks to asynchronous paradigm. Redis made storing persistent data in memory much easier and more performant than regular MySQL solutions.

  • NOV 2013

    CloudCab - first StartUp

    I've met visionary man from New York - Filip Baba. He taught me about NY market and how programming business really looks like. With his idea of taxi company niche for software like Uber - but for companies, not against them - with mechanisms for gradual system implementation for analog, radio-based bases. We've started CloudCab. Using Node.js as a backend with Redis / MySQL. Website app as an operator panel with Socket.io And native Android apps for both passengers and drivers with TCP. Soon CloudCab was able to connect thousands of devices on AWS micro instance.

  • 2014

    Distributed computing

    CloudCab needs made me understand how scale is important at server programming. Node.js scalability exceeding million concurrent connections compared to C10K of thread-per-client ( C# / Java / PHP) solutions made me rethink how distributed software should be made. I've learned many distributed computing concepts - Actor Systems, Functional Programming, Message Queues. I've dived deep into Erlang, Closure, Haskell and finally found my favorite language - Scala.

  • AUG 2014

    CloudCab sold!

    CloudCab has been bought by WideTech NY as a service, and renamed to Light Dispatch for market purposes.

  • SEP 2014

    Neon Tree Solutions Ltd founded.

    I've founded a company in United Kingdom named Neon Tree Solutions. I've hired 3 developers to help me develop further versions of CloudCab / Light Dispatch

  • NOV 2014

    Light Dispatch Launched

    Light Dispatch has been successfully launched as a beta version in first New York carrier base - Greenline Limo LLC.

  • JAN 2015

    Light Dispatch sold. Time for something new.

    I did my job. Light Dispatch is capable of working on it's own. It's time to move on. Next target: Own business. LanceIt : lanceit.pl Here I come!

  • JAN 2015

    Few new startup ideas

    Me and my team have done our best to make our ideas come true. We've launched few startups and watched how would people respond to them.
    We've made:

    • LanceIt - neighbourhood outsourcing
    • Autocomplete-elixir - Full pledged autocompletion for Elixir language to atom editor
    • Spotnote - leave notes wherever on the world
    • Everbuy - stay notified about new products You like on Ebay and similar


  • JUN-AUG 2015

    Erlang Solutions Internship

    I've spent some time working in Erlang Solutions Ltd Polish branch in experimental Elixir team, working on concepts regarding Internet Of Things, XMPP Protocol and using Elixir + Phoenix Framework in production.

  • SEP-NOV 2015

    Theoretical Computer Science

    With Nationwide Inventiveness Contest Award I got a free entry to Jagiellonian University so I decided it'd be a waste not to try it. After 3 months I've got a job opportunity from comapany located in San Francisco and decided to take it instead of continuing my college studies.

  • JAN-MAY 2016

    CTO at ManLaMode

    Managing team of 4 people. Kanban board managment. Deploy automation. Backend programming.

  • MAY-AUG 2016

    Ann Arbor, MI

    I've left my home country to seek entrepreneurial spirit across the ocean in Ann Arbor MI's Google SPARK Accelerator


2009 - 2010
Writing game reviews and doing interviews with game creators
Flash / C# Freelancing
Few projects in Flash and Unity3D with C#.
Unity3D C# Programmer
Networking programming of Unity applications
Node.js developer / Android developer / Web Developer
Developing of own startup - CloudCab
Neon Tree Solutions
2014-JAN 2015
Node.js developer / Project Manager / CEO
Developing of own startup - CloudCab
Neon Tree Solutions
Scala developer / Project Manager / CEO
Developing of own startup - LanceIt
Erlang Solutions
JUN 2015-AUG 2015
Elixir developer / Intern
Phoenix Framework usage in Internet of Things concept
Man La Mode Inc
JAN 2016-AUG 2016
Project Manager / CTO / Elixir Developer
Team and product managment. Backend programming


+48 533 302 090


Functional Programming
Object Oriented Programming
Network Programming (TCP, UDP, HTTP, WebSockets)
Asynchronous Programming
Object Oriented Design Patterns
Type theory
MMO Game Development Techniques
PhoneGap / Cordova
Play Framework
Phoenix Framework




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    Filip Baba (Boss, Co-worker)

    "Very talented coder, goes the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with his work. Knows programming concepts and Unity like the back of his hand. I am very satisfied with his service"

  • Mehul Goswami (Client)

    "High quality code delivered fast - it's very true! I've used a number of service providers and feel Krzysztof is right at the top"

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    Marcin Klocek (Coworker)

    "As a Project Manager in WideTech, Krzysztof is very well organized and has wide knowledge of web and servers programming concepts. He helps a lot and happily devides with his big programming experience. Privately, he's a very friendly guy."

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    Jose Valim (Elixir programming language creator)

    "[...]The fact that Mr. Wende is frequently sought out amongst experts in the field, who are many years senior to Mr. Wende in age, for feedback, ideas, and peer­review is in my opinion most demonstrative of his extraordinary and prodigious ability."

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    Robert Virding (Erlang programming language creator)

    "[...] I had been quite impressed by the nature of his work from the brief period I enjoyed as his coworker at Erlang Solutions. Despite being the youngest invited speaker at the conference Mr. Wende’s lecture, “Developing Elixir with Atom Editor,” was one of the highlights of the conference [...]"

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    Michał Ślaski - (Branch Manager at Erlang Solutions)

    "[...] His breathtaking knowledge and intrinsic concern to help people through the medium of technology are some of the qualities that elevate Mr. Wende in the esteem of his peers as a recognized world­class talent. This is a rare and appreciated combination "


Playing drums
Fusion Jazz
Craft Beer