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Next generation admin template

Not just usual Metro. But something bigger. Not just usual widgets, but real widgets. Not just yet another admin template, but next generation admin template.

Try. Posted by Okendoken

You will never know exactly how something will go until you try it. You can think three hundred times and still have no precise result.

Can I use CSS3 Radial-Gradient?

Yes you can! Further more, you should! It let's you create really beautiful images either for elements or for the entire background.

Element standards

HTML elements are defined in a series of freely available open standards issued since 1995, initially by the IETF and subsequently by the W3C.

Vitaut the Great

the Great Prince of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania he had stopped the invasion to Europe of Timur (Tamerlan) from Asia heading a big Army of Belarusians, Lithuanians.

The origins of the Grand Duchy of Litva

Who are the Belarusians, anyway? What is this strange country - Belarus - which appeared on the map a few years ago, a country that used to be called Belorussia, Byelorussia or even White Russia?